The week in review: Children’s words of wisdom, magical encounters and sobering facts

A few days ago a little two-year-old stood in our café and said: “Fall is coming with big steps”. That was as cute as it was true. And it reminded us, in the most charming way, that it was high time to recap the past few days and weeks for you. So here it goes!


juggleHUB and the first ever Berlin Coworking Festival

On October 7th and 8th the first Coworking Festival took place in Berlin. Over 20 coworking spaces joined forces to make coworking (even more) visible. Of course, if you are familiar with the start-up scene or working as a freelancer, you have most likely heard about coworking before. But many people have not and we wanted to change that. After all, coworking is an option for most people – and with the vast variety of spaces on the market, everyone should be able to find the right space for themselves. It is this variety that we wanted to demonstrate and at the same time lower the inhibitions to just come by, take a look, meet some coworkers, take a seat at a desk or just taste the coffee being offered.

At juggleHUB we had two days of “open doors” – although our doors are typically always open for anyone interested. So this time officially with title and exclamation mark: “Come on in, we look forward to meeting you!”
To offer you another reason to make your way over to our space, we hosted some great and free events to show you what juggleHUB is all about. On Firday evening we started out with „Coaching to go“, organized by our very own Jenni of Coachimo. Visitors could benefit from a free 20-minute coaching session and get advice on career and start-up related questions or on personal development. Coaches were, among others, the Radio-Energy moderator Rob Szymoniak and Lolita from Coaching Creatio, who some of you may remember from our opening party.


Coachimo Coworking Festival

After this great start into our festival program, we continued on Saturday morning with a meditation session for the early birds, held by Laura of Laura Seiler – Mindful Empowerment. Following this gentle start into the day, our guests were able to get some helpful tips about networking techniques from two experts – Kira und Aimie from Fielfalt – while eating yummy porridge by 3Bears.
Soon after we had cleared away the empty bowls, the first kids started walking through those open doors for a special family art lab, where they could create their own custom-designed juggleHUB tote bag under the professional supervision of Harriet of little art.

And just like that – boom: two wonderful festival days were over.

Coworking Festival juggleHUB

Photos and infos about the events in all the other participating spaces can be found on the Berlin Coworking Facebook page. There you will also find information about next years festival as soon as it becomes available.


Encounters that render you thoughtful, and happy

Not just the Coworking Festival but basically the past three weeks have been defined by interesting encounters. For us after the festival was before the fair „herCareer“ on October 13th and 14th. A quick breather and off to Munich to exchange ideas about New Work, Work-Life-Balance and equal opportunities, to connect with new people, reconnect with old acquaintances and to introduce juggleHUB.


Messe herCareer

After two very intense days we started to realize how good we have it in Berlin: coworking spaces at every corner, not a day without an (or rather several) interesting networking events and a huge willingness to support each another. Things we are used to in Berlin, that we might even take for granted. Munich demonstrated that this is not the status quo, by far. Many conversations, particularly with women and mothers, left us open-mouthed in disbelief. Besides the traditional distribution of gender roles that still exists in many parts of southern Germany, the childcare situation also leaves a lot to be desired. So it didn’t surprise us, that we were repeatedly asked when we were thinking of opening a juggleHUB in Munich.

Let’s wait and see… 😉

And because we believe that new encounters are amazing and can’t imagine anything better than sitting with a bunch of inspiring people, exchanging ideas and experiences, only to realize that together we can do so much more than alone, we’ve created the next opportunity to do so. Last Thursday our third edition of „Eat & Greet“ took place at the HUB. This time we served some comfort food to match the weather, so porridge by 3Bears instead of pancakes. And Lisa of AIM UP – DESIGN FOR STARTUPS spoiled everyone nterested with a free brand design workshop. As the third edition showed us that you guys love our little breakfast-get-togethers, we are already planning the November edition. More infos to follow soon.



We go digital – woop, woop!

Some of you have already noticed, the others will follow soon: We now use a new booking software. Since all the paperwork was really not ideal, we are now managing our memberships, day passes and childcare through Cobot. Only the booking of rooms for events, etc. still works best via e-mail, simply because there are too many individual needs to consider.

You’ll also find a few changes here and there in our space. After our opening in June we kind of just let the hammer lie where it fell and haven’t picked it up since. But we are slowly getting back into the decorating spirit. And since “fall is coming with big steps” – as we learned earlier – we think things could to get a little cozier in your second home, right?

Räume juggleHUB Coworking


We are writing about juggleHUB – and others are too

We always get pretty hyped when people think juggleHUB is worth writing about. Just recently published an interview with us, in which we talked about our experiences during the founding phase and what makes juggleHUB so unique. The Human Resources Manager on the other hand reported about our pilot project „Coworking with childcare for employees“. And then Fielfalt-Blogazine published an article written by Katja about what makes Coworking so fantastic. We don’t mind if things continue this way!


What else have we learned?

  1. „When a man takes a year off for a sabbatical, he will subsequently be perceived as perfectly equipped to take on a leading position. When a woman takes a year of parental leave, she has to be made fit for her professional comeback and her career is ruined.” Analogous quote by Robert Franken at the herCareer fair. Sad but unfortunately still true! Incidentally the second sentence probably holds true for men as well.
  2. Everything is easier with great partners. Behind the boring word “cooperation partner” you will often find fascinating people and stories that want to be told and heard! Therefore we say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all our supporters and partners of the past few days and weeks: 3Bears, Berlin Coworking, Coachimo, Dj Goape, Fielfalt, Laura Seiler, little art, Liwo, VirNatura Feinkost & all other helpers. You guys rock!
  3. Fall is coming. With big steps.


Herbststimmung juggleHUB