The Whatever-in-review: We are growing, you are thriving and along the way we are saving the world

Somehow that notion of a weekly review really is silly. I mean, let’s face it: our last blog post was published towards the beginning of autumn. Autumn! Colorful leaves and so on. Today – after multiple cases of the flu, scarlet fever, frost bite and countless lemon ginger teas – the first signs of spring are beckoning. So here comes our quarterly juggle-report!


Stop! Don’t go anywhere! I promise to keep it brief. And besides, really great things are happening – but fine, if you don’t want to read on…


Oh, you’re still here – time-tested mommy strategy (Ok, then Mommy will do it all alone…) works every time!


New team offices at juggleHUB

Speaking of alone. Being alone at juggleHUB is becoming more difficult every day. Since the beginning of the year our space has noticably filled up. We have lots of new faces – some are still on their trial month, others dove right into a membership. Like Lydia and her two colleagues who booked three fixed desks.

And in early January we also welcomed our first start-up team – the boys and girls from Oolipo. They are temporarily occupying our „Balcony Parlor“, but will be moving into our „Team Wing“ this coming weekend.


Oolipo im Teambüro

Extended childcare times wanted?

There are also new kids – and quite a few at that. Wednesday and Friday mornings are particularly popular. If you wish to book childcare on one of those days, it would be wise to do so a few days in advance.

By the way, we are considering extending our childcare hours. We’d love to get some input from you on this:


What would make sense for you? A longer block in the morning? An additional block mid-day? A longer block in the afternoon?


Feel free to comment here under the blog post or send us an email with your thoughts to We will also be starting a survey on Facebook.



So what else is new? Oh yes! Saving the world! What’s up with that, you ask?


We recently launched a large campagne with several other players from the New Work scene: the New Work Families – our main goal is to find new ways of creating a more family-friendly working world. We know it can be done, as many projects, that were started by people with kids, demonstrate. I’m thinking of Coworking Toddler, the „Familiengarten“, the „Rockzipfel“ initiative, nie:solo and of course our very own juggleHUB, just to name a few, but also some companies that are trailblazing new paths, like the company Gore or HHP. What they all have in common is that they are using the endless possibilities of digitalization to work or rather let their employees work in a self-determined manner. This is where we want to continue the discussion.


New Work Families seeks to create a platform to facilitate an exchange, to initiate learning processes and change. Whether it be online through the website or offline at one of our nationewide BarCamps and monthly Meetups. The first BarCamp to kick off the campagne will take place March 31 and April 1 in Berlin. As soon as we launch the ticket sales we will inform you via Facebook, Twitter or the NWF newsletter. We look forward to an interesting exchange with a potential for kickstarting real change!


juggleHUB and MentorMe – the dynamic duo

Exchange and networking are key values here at juggleHUB. All the more reason to be excited to have gained MentorMe as a partner.


MentorMe Veranstaltung im juggleHUB


Not only are we hosting a large number of their mentoring program events, but have even joined forces to develop a special format, that caters to women with kids: the MentoringMoms. Once a month interested women get together to discuss topics evolving around work-related issues and how to best combine individual career goals with family life. The next MentoringMoms Meetup will take place on March 3rd from 4 to 6 pm at juggleHUB. This time we will be discussing resumés – what to include, what best to leave out. You can register for the meetup via Facebook.


Alle events at the hub

Speaking of events: We now have an event calendar on our website where you can find all of our current and upcoming events. The next „Eat & Greet“, for example, that is taking place next Thursday (February 23). Coffee, breakfast, great people and a chance to check out our space – it all starts at 10 am. And at 11 am you can participate in the marketing workshop by Alina from one2bloom. And it’s all free!


flyer Eat & Greet


Photo gallery at Berliner Republik magazine

And if, while surfing through our website, you are thinking „Wow, these photos are incredible!“, then go check out Meiko Herrmann’s website. He is an amazing photographer and was awarded the World Press Photo Award. He did a photo series of our space that was published in the magazine „Berliner Republik“. We’re so very grateful – thank you, Meiko!


Bilder juggleHUB von Meiko Herrmann


What else did we learn in the last…QUARTER YEAR?


Everything ends – except the ‚Kita’ Winter.


And then the ‚Kita’ Winter does end…eventually.


Never buy a cheap coat rack. Not even two…