Flexible childcare in Covid-19 times – what’s new?

A sense of ease has returned to the juggleHUB. One might say the old juggle-vibe is back. The only things that remind us of Corona are the tables in the coworking area that are moved further apart and the disinfectant spray in the common areas. So it might be somewhat difficult to grasp that unfortunately we have not defeated the virus, on the contrary, the numbers are going up again.
For us the past few weeks were defined by reorganizing, rethinking, also by doubts about which path would be the right one to take. The health of our team and our community is our number one priority. At the same time, and especially at challenging times like these, many people need places like the HUB where they can regain some sense of a “New Normal”. That also means juggling work and family differently and more intense than before Corona.
A “New Normal” has also reached our childcare system.

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Keine Kita Berlin

No kita spot: That’s how I get my childcare costs covered by Jugendamt Friedrichshain

Since last summer the Jugendämter in Friedrichshain and Pankow cover the costs for private childcare like the one we offer at juggleHUB. In this interview our community member Lisa talks about her experiences with the Jugendamt Friedrichshain and which steps she took to get her expenses for childcare covered.


About Lisa: Lisa is a PR & Marketing professional. She has ten years of experience in the travel industry, working with and representing companies and destinations around the world. She has joined juggleHUB in spring 2018 with her little daughter. https://www.lhubnerconsulting.com/

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No Kita? No Panic! – Our new Childcare Service

One of our coworkers recently came in and announced „It’s crazy out there!”.


What was going on? A storm? Riots? Burning cars? Not quite, but close enough: the frantic search for a kita spot in Berlin. The city is short thousands of daycare spots and even the work groups and task-forces the Senate recently formed will not be able to make them magically appear. In the coming days and weeks many parents will learn that they did not get a kita spot – followed by these painful questions:


  • I have to return to my job – how will I explain this to my boss?
  • How will this affect the future of my career?
  • What will my clients and business partners say, when I have to put off their projects?
  • What will this do to our financial situation if I no longer receive „Elterngeld“, but can’t go back to work?
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