Coworking Community

Coworking is more than just using a flexible desk. The juggleHUB is a meeting point for founders and entrepreneurs, with kids or without, that enjoy working in a family-friendly atmosphere and benefit from the support and inspiration from a growing community.


Our flexible childcare in combination with a coworking space is unique in Berlin and Germany.


Some important information:

  • Our childcare is private, meaning it is not funded by the state “Gutschein” system.
  • Two thirds of the cost is tax deductible (“haushaltsnahe Dienstleistung”).
  • Parents can share a Flex Mini or Flex Midi membership.
  • Although we offer professional childcare in a child-friendly environment, juggleHUB is not a substitute for a regular “KiTa” or “Tagesmutter”.
  • Our childcare is optional. JuggleHUB is open to everyone, whether they have kids or not.


Here you will find our Terms of Use for childcare.


Kinderbetreuung im juggleHUB Kind malt im juggleHUB IMG_9524

Opening times and registration


Monday to Friday

9 am – 5 pm


You also have the possibility of using our Parent-Child Office or the Nap Room. Or you can spend some time in our quiet courtyard while your child plays in the large sandbox.


Registration for childcare ends at 4 pm the day before.


We also offer childcare for event hosts and participants outside our regular childcare hours. Please contact us a week in advance if you need childcare for hosting or taking part in an event.


If you want to use our childcare service without reservation (spontaneously), please give us a call to make sure there is a spot available.

Our team member Hannah is happy to answer all your questions regarding childcare:


Who uses our flexible childcare service?


  • Founders and start-up-teams with children
  • Employees with the option to work outside the company office
  • Employed and self-employed men and women on parental leave
  • Parents whose children attend daycare and need after-hour childcare or help bridging daycare holidays and the like
  • Workshop providers that are offering events at juggleHUB and want or need to bring their children along
  • Event visitors/participants that want or need to bring their children along

Childcare prices


flexible childcare per hour - minimum of 2 hrs
10per hour
  • Siblings: 5€ per hour
  • Monday to Friday
  • 9 am - 5 pm
Coworking & childcare - half day
45per day
  • 4 hrs of coworking
  • 4 hrs of childcare
  • Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm
Coworking & childcare - full day
85per day
  • 8 hrs of coworking
  • 8 hrs of childcare
  • Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm

If you have any questions about juggleHUB please email us at


We look forward to meeting you and your little ones!