Articulate & define impactful goals for 2020 using the OKRs methodology

When? 23.01.2020 / 09:30-11:30 am

Info: In this hands-on workshop we will articulate and define impactful goals for 2020 using the OKRs methodology.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a simple tool that helps organisations and individuals achieve better goals by building specific and measurable actions, as well as communicating and monitoring progress toward them.

OKRs bring us focus, discipline and self control that some of us need in life to achieve great things.

This is a hands-on session to talk, share, exchange real-life examples and get inspired around:

#habit forming

and unlocking the best possible version of ourselves for 2020.

Luis Borges is the Co-Founder and CEO of – a consulting company with a focus on design sprints and OKRs. Luis has 10+ years working experience working with lean methodologies and business strategy learned from the pioneers in lean, Toyota. Over the past 3 years he led teams designing, prototyping, testing and building digital products. Before fizzibl he was an Innovation Manager at Zalando where he introduced and implemented OKRs with teams across the organization. During the same time he mentored entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa, by being part of the mentoring network of and helping them grow and scale their businesses. Currently, through fizzibl, he helps his clients and their teams achieve greatness through the effective use of OKRs.


+++ Thanks to Google for Startups we can offer free childcare for 3 participants during the time of the meetup. If you want to save a spot, please send a message to Katja: +++ +++

We look forward to kick-starting 2020 with you!


Costs: Free + Free Childcare available

Registration: Eventbrite or Meetup

Host: ParentPreneurs Berlin

Eat & Greet: Storytelling – Create a product to remember

When? 30.01.2020 / 10:00-11:30 am

Info: “If you want to have an impact, want to be remembered, to even be considered, you need a good story.“

That’s because our brains are wired, not just to hear, see and understand stories, but to actively FEEL them. That’s why they are so effective at informing opinion, because they literally change minds.“

In this special, stand alone presentation and workshop, Strategic Story Consultant, James William Harrup will guide you through the ‘anatomy of a story’, sharing practical techniques to help you gain clarity on your idea, precision in its communication, and maximum impact in delivery.

James has spent the last 20 years perfecting the craft of story, working as an award winning designer, illustrator, writer, director and publisher for big name, global corporations and small independent creators. In this time he has developed powerful techniques to help everyone from startups, entrepreneurs, creatives and activists to find their story and effectively share it with the world.

Costs: 5 €

Registration: Eventbrite

Host: James Harrup

Der smarte Weg Google AdWords zu lernen

Wann? ab 03.03.2020

Infos: Vermeide die typischen Anfängerfehler und starte sofort mit hochwertigen und erfolgreichen Google Anzeigen. Alexander Sperber, AdWords-Trainer der Google Partner Academy, zeigt dir, wie du deine AdWords-Kampagnen erfolgreich und profitabel gestalten kannst.

Kosten: ab 549 €

Anmeldung: über unitedads

Host: Alexander Sperber

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