Eat & Greet: From Tech to Leadership

Wann? 31.10.2019 / 10:00 -11:30 Uhr

Infos: Transitioning from the professional’s to a manager’s role is a challenging task for many leaders in tech. The skills and behaviours, that made them stand out and get promoted to the leadership positions, are not helping to build high performance teams. Meanwhile, being able to create an environment, where teamwork thrives, is a key to success for a manager on any level in modern tech companies. For that team- and tech- leaders need a new toolkit, different from the engineer’s skill set.

In this workshop Alex, a Product Manager from FreeNOW (former MyTaxi), bridges the gap between the two roles. He shares the practical tips and tricks on building strong teams, and explains the human aspects of teamwork. Together with the workshop participants he will discuss the anti-patterns of teamwork, commonly widespread in the tech companies, and share with the group a starter kit of practices, they can apply to improve the work of their teams.

Host: Aleksandr Zuravliov

Zum Workshop gibt es ein Waffel-Frühstück mit dem legendär-leckeren juggle-Kaffee 🙂

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